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American Action Report
Via the Internet and other sources, we have all the facts we need to choose our leaders wisely. That being the case, why is it that at least 80% of our congressmen are on the take from powerful special interests whose agenda conflict with the interests of their constituents? Facts without understanding are just bird-cage liner. The American Action Report seeks to supply understanding by telling how the things related to the political world actually work, and what We the People must do to improve things. American Action Report cannot, however, supply courage or initiative. For courage and initiative, each person must look into his own soul.

Congressional Contact List
Keep in touch with the hired help.  This one is only for Representatives.

Open Congress
Unlike NASCAR drivers, congressmen don’t wear decals revealing who their corporate sponsors are. Open Congress helps you to “follow the money” and to see how much money each congressman accepted from various special-interest groups. How did your congressman vote on issues of concern to you? Don’t take your congressman’s word for it. Open Congress has this information and many of the facts you need to know to properly supervise the “hired help” in Washington.

Pak Alert Press
Officially, America is not at war in Pakistan. If you want to know more about the war that officially isn’t really happening in Pakistan, as well as other news that you’re not hearing from your usual sources, read the Pak Alert Press.

Project Vote Smart

Many of our congressmen accept campaign contributions from the rich and votes from the poor under the pretext that they’re protecting each from the other. Don’t be fooled. Find out how your congressman stacks up against what he tells you. Is he really environmentally friendly? Is he really fiscally responsible? Is he really something else that he claims to be? Project Vote Smart combines the ratings from dozens of groups so that you can decide for yourself whom your congressman really represents.

Rasmussen Reports
If it’s in the news, it’s in their polls. Unlike most pollsters, Rasmussen Reports doesn’t poll just any brain-dead zombie they encounter on the street. Their polls reflect the opinions of likely voters. A wino lying in an alley is not likely to vote unless he’s offered a bottle of rotgut in exchange for his services, so his boozed-up opinions are not solicited for Rasmussen polls. That’s one of the reasons I believe that Rasmussen’s polls are more reliable than the others. Their polls also reveal trends while other pollsters while CNN, Roper, and Gallup are groping around like three blind mice.

Tea Party Patriots
The official site of the American Tea Party Movement.

Vatic Project
Our professional diplomats have failed us. As it stands, the main functions of a diplomat are to facilitate corporate plunder and make it look like a noble cause. Our “news” media have failed us. As it stands, the main function of a newspaper is to sell advertising space. The sole function of an advertising agency is to make corporate propaganda look like revealed truth. The Vatic Project fills the gap with a grassroots, people-to-people diplomatic initiative. Instead of taking the talking heads at face value, find out what real people are saying from their own country. Vatic Project is independent communication without borders.

Important Links:
Bankster "Bailout" Embezzlement Bill of 2009
How did your congressman vote on the $700 billion (plus $500 billion in bribes) “bailout” bill? Euphemistically titled the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) and Accountability Act, it didn’t save even one homeowner from losing his troubled assets, nor were the banksters held to anything even faintly resembling accountability.

USA PATRIOT Act Renewal, 2010
Were our county's Founding Fathers domestic terrorists? If you quote what they said, or if you wish to preserve the Constitution they created, the FBI could suspect you of being a domestic terrorist. Here is the front and back of an FBI document proving this assertion, and it has the veneer of legality under the USA PATRIOT Act—a bill so chilling that, by comparison, the most terrifying works of Stephen King seem like amateurish farces.
(P.S. No matter how much you admire our country’s Founding Fathers, I’d still advise against wearing pedal pushers unless you’re a girl.)

War is a Racket
That was the conclusion of Major General Smedley Butler, one of the few servicemen to have earned two Medals of Honor and was one of the most respected men in U.S. military history. Here is an actor reenacting part of Butler’s “War is a Racket” speech to the American Legion. For the PDF text of Smedley Butler’s full-length book War is a Racket, click here.

The Healthcare Scam
Regarding the Obamacare scam formally known as HR 3590, and euphemistically known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is, it doesn’t protect patients; at an estimated $940 billion, it’s not affordable; two thirds of the money, according to the bill’s supporters, will go into the pockets of Big Pharma and the health insurance racketeers; and official projections of the costs of federal programs have always been several hundred percent on the low side. When I hear of any good news, I’ll let you know. Did your congressman vote to embezzle $940 billion-plus to give to Big Pharma and health insurance racketeers, leaving you and your descendants to pay the bill?

Iran’s Non-existent Nuclear Weapons Program

United Nations investigators have published a report concluding that Iran does not—I repeat, does not—have a nuclear weapons program. This conclusion is found in paragraphs 2 through 13 of their report. Nonetheless, UN sanctions remain in place, and, as an eerie reminder of Saddam Hussein’s non-existent weapons of mass destructions, the drumbeats for war are loud and incessant. What if they gave a war and nobody came?

Washington’s Blog—911

Question: What kind of person is skeptical of the government’s official story concerning 911? Answer: All kinds, including members of the congressional committee attempting to investigate 911, other congressmen, intelligence experts, award-winning investigative reporters, and many government officials associated with the events of September 11, 2001. This article is carefully footnoted and linked.

Many classic books and writings
Natural News
Loads of useful information on natural way to health. It also contains loads of information on how Big Pharma and their bought-and-paid-for stooges in Congress are trying to interfere with your right to choose.

Target Freedom
A libertarian friend recommended this site as the "ultimate source."

Non-GMO Shopping Guide.
Concerned about Frankenfoods? Take a look at this site.