How Reality Works

 The Gauntlet We Face is an overview of this page.

     The following series describes how people pull the wool over their own eyes:
"Mythical Beings that Inhabit the Matrix, Part 1: News Reporters"
"Mythical Beings that Inhabit the Matrix, Part 2: Politicians"
"Mythical Beings that Inhabit the Matrix, Part 3: Pastors"
"Mythical Beings that Inhabit the Matrix, Part 4: Doctors"
(Watch for Part 5: Teachers)

      The following section deals with the question, "What went wrong in Washington?"  We have no way of understanding what's wrong with the Washington Establishment until we understand how it really works and what caused it to go wrong.  This section also offers insight as to how to make things go right.
Help Wanted: 435 JOB OPENINGS No experience or education needed. Attractive hair and acting ability a plus. $300,000 a year salary and benefits. Ethical people need not apply.

     The titles of this set of articles say it all.  We the People have been part of the problem.  We're not going to change things in Washington unless we make ourselves part of the solution.

      If you're like most people, you probably think that the competition among news outlets is a competition for news stories.  The truth is, they compete mainly for advertising dollars.  Additionally, all of the major news outlets are owned by corporations and banks, and they must keep them satisfied.  They also have to please managers and investors.  Readers and viewers are much lower on the totem pole, but average people are not without resources of their own.
     Civilization isn't all that it's cracked up to be, and the "noble savage" isn't necessarily a dreamy sentimentality.  As the Bible says, Satan is prince of the earth.  This series of articles describes how government and other trappings of civilization began, and how they really work today.  According to a Greek myth, Pandora curiously opened a box and inadvertently unleashed all the world's woes upon it.  Only one thing remained in the box: Hope.

      How well do you know your congressman?  If all you know is how your congressman dresses and grooms himself, how well he speaks, and what he tells you when he's running for re-election, you're probably part of the problem.  Grow up.  Accept the responsibility of seeking out more reliable sources.
     Now that recent events have awakened him, Rip van American would like nothing better than to go back to sleep.  He's the infernal optimist who believes that everything will be all right simply because he wants them to be all right.  Rather than accept the fatigue of supporting liberty, many Americans are willing to accept quick fixes that give them a false sense of security while they're getting shafted.  This series of articles underscores the admonition, "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance."

     This series of articles, which covers a diverse range of topics, addresses some of the important issues of our time.  Things aren't always what they seem.
Breaking the Matrix
 Breaking the Matrix, Part One: False Options that Keep Us Divided, Conquered, and Controlled
     "Divide and conquer" is one of the oldest political and military strategies in history.  With consummate skill, the power elites use this strategy against us, and many Americans just eat it up.  They use a particular form of "bait and switch" to further this strategy.  Fear of terrorism is transmuted into a hatred of Muslims; fear of illegal immigrants is transmuted into a hatred of Mexican-Americans and all other legal immigrants.  Wedges are also driven between Democrats and Republicans, Republicans and libertarians, blacks and whites, liberals and conservatives, and so on.  As long as the power elite can keep us divided against each other, we can't unite to restore representative government to America.
     This series of articles deals with political strategies: the strategies used by the power elite and suggested strategies for taking our country back and restoring representative government.
The Grand Chessboard

     Ronald Reagan once said something like, "If the world were invaded by hostile forces from outer space, the nations of the world would find ways to set aside their differences to defend the world against this common threat." The United States isn't being invaded by hostile forces from outer space; the United States is occupied by hostile forces on Wall Street.   Our best hope is for honest Americans of differing political views, different religions, different races, and other differing reference points to  put aside our differences to defend ourselves against the common threat.  United, we can restore representative government to America.
The Only Strategic Voting that Works
     Uniting Americans who have spent much of their lives at each others' throats will be quite a challenge.  Borrowing a cue from game theory, how can we get people working together when they're unsure of each others' motives?  We can accomplish this only if we adopt a new mindset, a new way of looking at things, a new paradigm.   Here are a few suggestions.

     So you thought you really knew beauty contests such as the Miss America and Miss U.S.A. Pageants?  Why do you think that very few truly world-class beauties have ever been in beauty contests, and why so few beauty contest winners are remembered as world-class beauties?  Why do you think that talent contest winners show technical proficiency but little or no real talent?  In the following three-part series, I attempt to answer these questions and others.
The Quaint Custom of Beauty Contests, Part 1
The Quaint Custom of Beauty Contests, Part 2
The Quaint Custom of Beauty Contests, Part 3

     Finally, what should be our goals beyond the immediate goal of electing congressmen who sincerely represent their constituents?  We can begin by reclaiming the values that we lost so gradually and imperceptibly that many of us are scarcely aware that we lost them.  These are the values that make us fully human, part of the family of humankind, part of nature, and creatures purposefully loved by our Creator.