Monday, April 12, 2010

Join the Rebel Alliance against the Evil Empire

Ordinarily, I don't repost articles from others' sites, but this one came as a special request. Vatic Project has reposted a call to action that I believe we all should heed. Vatic Project was created as a people-to-people, grassroots diplomatic initiative to bypass the government diplomats. Government diplomats often contribute to war mentality by dividing the peoples of various nations (India versus Pakistan, America versus Muslim nations, etc.) against one another.
I started the American Action Report on a smaller scale for more local purposes. The powers-that-be in Manhattan and Washington, DC, also employ a divide-and-conquer strategy on America's national level, pitting conservatives against liberals, Christians against Muslims, blacks against whites, native-born Americans against immigrants, and so on. The American Action Report seeks to bring Americans together for a common purpose: to take our country back from the Evil Empire. No, I don't mean the old Soviet Union. The Evil Empire in this case is the cabal consisting of banksters, the war profiteers, dishonest information media, Big Pharma, and from corrupt congressmen.
The American Action Report focuses on such actions as information sharing and on sweeping the rats out of Congress this November 2. The Vatic Project focuses more on the promotion of understanding between peoples of various nations and, when necessary, Gandhi's strategy of peaceful disobedience. (What if they held a war and nobody came?)
Please read what the author of the article has to say.

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