Vantage Point from Asia

    At the request of some of my important contacts, I have begun a stand-alone page devoted to events in Asia, particularly those that have significance for the United States and the world at large.  

East Asia:
Micro-tells Expose Beijing's Hostile Intentions and South Korea's Weakness

Why Taiwan Matters
Formosa Betrayed Again

Formosa Aborigines Betrayed Again
ECFA: Formosa Betrayed to the Butchers of Beijing
Beijing's Humpty Dumpty Definitions of "Chinese"
Sustainable Fit for Business, Society, and the Environment
End Game for Taiwan?  Part 1
End Game for Taiwan? Part 2: Threats to Taiwan's Sovereignty
When 300,000 Pigs Fly
Taiwanese Student Abducted by Space Aliens—Misses Class

Taiwan-Japanese Relations:
Diaoyutais/Senkakus: Whose are They and Why do They Matter? Part 1
The Diaoyutais/Senkakus: Part 2
Step into Japan's Moccasins

Taiwan-Philippines Relations:
What was behind the Philippines' Pre-election Murder of a Taiwanese Fisherman?

Lessons from 1900
Leo Tolstoy and the Three Little Wars
When Americans were Foreigners, and Christians were Marked for Extermination

South and Southeast Asia
"The Day the Gentle Sea Gypsies Defeated the Globalists"