Monday, April 12, 2010

Unwholesome Entanglements

(This is the third of a three-article series. I apologize for its length. It's twice as long as I'd intended and contains half the information I have and had intended to use.)

     One of the most oft-quoted sayings of the Post-9/11 Era has been, “Any people who would give up essential liberties to gain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” The suggestion is that, by shredding the Bill of Rights and other restraints on governmental power, the American people gained some measure of safety, however small or temporary.
Did the American people experience a net gain in safety? I’m inclined to believe that the opposite has occurred.
     Perhaps a more appropriate proverb comes from the late, great character actor Dub Taylor. Describing the work of a con man, he said, “A man with money meets a man with experience. The man with experience gets the money, and the man who had money gets experience."
     We all know that many of our freedoms moved toward Washington. At the same time, however, much of America’s sovereignty—and with it, our government’s ability to safeguard our freedoms and our security—moved toward those who had the experience (to use Dub Taylor’s word) to promise the American people (Dub Taylor’s less inexperienced “man with money”) security.
In her 2007 book, Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, Naomi Klein wrote that, since the early 1990’s, Israel has adjusted its economy to accommodate the existence of terrorism. A whopping 60% of Israel’s exports are in the field of security and counter terrorism. As a consequence, the more fear there is of terrorism, the more terrorism boosts Israel’s GDP and the less incentive Israel has for working toward peaceful solutions.
     Pages 534 through 559 are a litany of security areas Israel dominates just in the United States. You name it; Israel is in charge of something in that area.
     For details, I’ll confine myself to things you can check for yourself in reliable sources on the Internet. I don’t want you to have to take my word for it.
Let’s take telephone records and caller ID for starters. An estimated 98% of all telephone calls in America are routed through an Israeli-owned company called AMDOCS. (Click here.)
     Then there’s the anti-virus, anti-spyware program called ZoneAlarm, said to be used by all of the Fortune 100 companies, most of the Fortune 500 companies and countless other companies and individuals throughout the world. What their web site (here) doesn’t tell you is, ZoneAlarm has been owned by the Israeli company Check Point since 2004.
     Check Point’s home page doesn’t tell you that either. (Click here.) For that information, you have to go to Check Point’s “About Us” page. (Click here.) That information begs the question, “Is your computer spying on you?
     Israel’s penchant for spying on the United States is so well known that anyone reading this article probably doesn’t need a link to be convinced of it. Anyone needing a link probably isn’t reading this article. If you haven’t clicked the link for the AMDOCS remark, please do so, and watch the entire video. (Here it is again.)
     This video of a four-part Fox News series reveals that Israeli intelligence had prior knowledge of the September 11, 2001, attacks and failed to give the United States useful information to prevent them from taking place. The most charitable way we can interpret this fact is, Israel felt that protecting their sources and methods was more important than protecting 3,000 American lives.
     Sometime since 9/11, somebody may have emailed you a video of some Middle Eastern college students celebrating the 9/11 attacks. If so, that person probably told you that the students were Arabs. No, they weren’t; they were Israelis. At that time, some 200 Israelis posed as art students as they gathered information on hundreds of sensitive American installations.
     We must consider as well that Israel profited—politically, militarily, and economically—from the 9/11 attacks. As cynical as it sounds, the Israeli government has already shown that its leaders value personal gain over human lives.
     During the 1930’s and ‘40’s, future leaders of Israel were terrorists who freely killed British, Palestinian, and American civilians. The most notorious of these groups was Irgun, whose members included Menachem Begin (future Israeli prime minister) and Benjamin Emanuel (father of de facto US President Rahm Emanuel.) For a listing of Irgun’s terrorist acts, click here. For a partial membership list, click here.
     In 1954, the Israeli Mossad conducted what became known as the Lavon Affair—a false flag operation involving the murder of British, Egyptian, and American civilians with the intent of blaming the murders on the Muslim Brotherhood. (Click here.)
     At the beginning of the Six-day War in 1967, no one could be sure that Israel would win the war in short order. The American spy ship USS Liberty was 14 miles from Israel, in international waters, when the Israeli attack on the Liberty began. It would take several pages to refute all the excuses Israel gave for the attack. To see what really happened, click here and here.
     An oversized United States flag could be clearly seen as Israeli forces bombed, strafed, and torpedoed the Liberty for three hours trying to sink it and blame the sinking on the Egyptians. On orders from U.S. President Lyndon Johnson, no help arrived. The assault stopped only when a Russian spy ship entered the area, inadvertently becoming a witness to the event.
     Israel perpetrated many other false flag attacks on Americans, but the mention of one more should suffice. Many Americans remember the terrorist group headed by a Palestinian named Abu Nadal.
Americans have fairly clear recollections of the hijacking of the Mediterranean cruise ship Achille Lauro. Those of us who do remember it recall our horror and outrage when one of Nadal’s men killed Leon Klinghoffer (shown at left), a 69-year-old American Jew who was dependent on a wheel chair. At the time, Mr. and Mrs. Klinghoffer were celebrating their wedding anniversary.
     It is now known that Abu Nadal was a Mossad penetration agent. Abu Nadal may not have known, but his handlers certainly did. This information was revealed by an Iraqi Jew who had been involved in Iran Contra and other covert operations. (Click here.) The Mossad's purpose in all this was to make the Palestinians look as bad as possible. Now that we know who was really responsible, it's the Israeli government that looks as bad as possible.
     The Mossad pays unscrupulous people to troll Internet chat groups and meet-up groups. (Click here.) When concerned people object to the behavior of the Israeli government, it’s common for paid trolls or a Mossad front group to accuse the writer or speaker of being anti-Semitic. (Click here.)
     That’s one of the ways that psychopaths in the Israeli government use Jews as human shields for their criminal enterprises. If you criticize the Israeli regime and one of those professional liars accuse you of being anti-Semite, remind the liar of what Israel did to Leon Klinghoffer. The gangsters in Tel Aviv couldn’t care less about the Jews; all they desire is power.

     If the words gangster and psychopath seem a mite prickly, consider that criminal psychopaths are far more common than most people realize. Most people subscribe to the Hollywood presentation of psychopaths as dysfunctional people who don’t know what they’re doing. The really scary part of it is, most psychopaths are quite functional and know exactly what they’re doing. (Click here, here, and here.)
     Get a sheet of paper and draw a vertical line down the middle of it. On one side, write the names or sobriquets (Jack the Ripper, the Boston Strangler, etc.) of all the criminal psychopaths you can remember. The ones in government (Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc.) go on one side. All other criminal psychopaths go on the other. Although people in government are a tiny minority of the human race, I don’t expect that you’ll find very much difference in the lengths of the two lists.
     Now let’s add to the lists. Write the names of people who committed illegal acts (including fraud) that resulted in the deaths of five or more people. (In most U.S. states, the commission of a felony resulting in a death will earn you the death penalty.) I select the number five because that’s the number of people deliberately killed by Jack the Ripper. I’ll offer you three names for starters: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condoleezza Rice, who repeatedly committed fraud to get the U.S. involved in a war against the people of Iraq.
     Now the list of government officials committing five or more acts of first degree murder should be much longer than the other list. The list would have to include at least ten United States Presidents.
     Are the leaders of Israel any holier than American leaders? I don’t think so.
If you need further convincing that Israel is ruled by criminal psychopaths, consider the recent Gaza flotilla massacre, a peaceful attempt to deliver necessities of life to the victims of Israel's ethnic cleansing in Gaza. Some of Israel’s victims on the Gaza flotilla were killed execution style. After they had surrendered, they were shot several times in the back of the head. One was an American teenager named Furkin Dogan, whose photo is shown at right. (Click here for autopsy news report.)
     As the world condemned this massacre, the Israelis released a video in which they sang a satirical song called “We Con the World.” Click here to see the Israelis ridiculing, caricaturing, and ethnically stereotyping the people they had murdered.
     I could go on and on with countless other Israeli atrocities, but these few examples should be enough to show that America is not any safer by placing our security in Israeli hands.
What can Americans do to make our nation safer? We as individuals can begin by making sure that we don’t use Israeli-controlled firewalls on our personal and business computers.
     Much of the solution rests in the hands of our congressmen. Under the Constitution, all appropriations must originate in the House of Representatives. Although Israel is the sixteenth richest nation in the world, their government receives the largest amount of U.S. foreign aid. (Click here.) The cost of U.S. foreign aid to Israel from 1976 to 2002 was $1.6 trillion dollars—that’s twice the cost of the Vietnam War. (Click here.) The U.S. continues to underwrite the Israeli regime at the rate of $10 billion a year. (Click here.) All that is for a country whose population is barely one tenth of one percent of the world’s population.
     It gets worse. Section 116 of the Foreign Assistance Act reads, "No assistance may be provided under this part to the government of any country which engages in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights.” Under section 4 of the Arms Export Control Act, it’s illegal to provide defensive weapons to nations that “abuse their use for non-defensive purposes.” (Click here.)
     The Constitution gives Congress the responsibility for oversight. We should demand that our congressmen do their job by withholding aid to Israel until they live up to international standards of civilized behavior.
     We should also demand that our nation’s security be returned to American control. While this is no panacea, it is a necessary step in reasserting the independence we declared in 1776. Any congressman whose performance in office shows that he represents a foreign nation rather than the American people should be replaced on November 2.
(To go back to part 1 of this series, click here.)
(To go back to part 2 of this series, click here.)
     "Let there be peace, and let it begin with me." The brotherhood of man transcends sovereignty of nations. May people of all religious faiths, nationalities and cultural groups pray together. Pray any day or every day. On the day before congressional elections, pray that the American people, rather than voting on the basis of political party or ideology, will vote for wise and virtuous leaders.


  1. Jerry, this was a very good article you put together, I envy your writing skills. I am a great researcher as you know, but my writing is barely adequate. LOL I rant too much and am trying to settle down.

    I get so damn mad when I see what they are doing that I convey that honestly and inappropriately on the blog, so I respect your skill at presenting information objectively and drawing the obvious conclusions without commenting about taking them outside and shooting them, like I do. LOL I am turning over a new leaf. You will see. lol

  2. Here are four lessons to remember:
    1. Nobody convinces anybody of anything. Either people convince themselves of something or they merely give their assent.
    2. People are more motivated to act when they convince themselves than they are when they merely give their assent.
    3. Anger is a great motivator of the moment, but love is more powerful and more enduring. There are a lot of violent images on the Internet, but notice which images I used for Klinghoffer and Dogan. Simple photographs of the victims when they were happy and alive were the most powerful images I could find.
    4. Take a lesson from Hollywood. It's not an actor's job to display emotion, although that's often required in his job. An actor's job is to make the audience feel emotion. Bette Davis could cry real tears on cue; but on one occasion in live theater, the director told her to hold it back. As a result, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. You can often elicit the emotions you desire by keeping your own emotions in check.


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