Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our Valley of Decision

     In a separate article, I wrote that businesses, society, and the environment are mutually dependent. I argued from that that the most sustainable model for businesses as well as for society and environmentalists is one that recognizes this fact and seeks a dovetailing of interests.
     That’s the way things work for most businesses anyway. As long ago as 1776, Adam Smith wrote that, when businessmen and politicians converse, corporate social responsibility is the furthest thing from their minds.
     Our history books tell us that from 1869 until 1877, William Magear (“Boss”) Tweed and his cronies stole an estimated $200 million from the city of New York. In today’s dollars, that would be around $2.7 billion.
     Just think of how much they could have stolen if they’d been in control of something larger than a city—say, the United States Treasury. Hmm. Just how did they do it?
     Well, pretty much the same way that Dubya Bush did it, and Mr. Obama is doing it now. Bush, Cheney, Emanuel, and Obama didn’t invent such embezzlement schemes as bid-free contracts, or regulatory waivers that favor friends and shut out competition, nor did they invent economic blackmail. They did, however, perfect them and come up with a few ideas of their own.
     By comparison, Boss Tweed was practicing a life of austerity and self denial. The Bush-Obama Administration has stolen more than $14 trillion from America’s taxpayers, and there’s no end in sight.
     They get away with it because we let them. Oh, worse than that; we rewarded them after they had done it, thereby encouraging them to steal ever larger sums of money and further violate our liberties.
     In the year 2000, Bush stole the presidential election and employed fraud to launch—not just one, but two—wars that have been highly profitable for himself and his cronies. Some 1.5 million innocent Iraqi civilians were killed as a result, but what’s a couple of million Iraqis compared to trillions of dollars in stolen assets?
     Under the laws of every jurisdiction in the United States, it’s a capital crime to commit a felony that results in a death. Fraud is a felony in every jurisdiction in America, and thousands of Americans died as a result of that fraud.
     According to noted court attorney Vincent Bugliosi ( ), any district attorney whose jurisdiction had been the home of a serviceman killed in Iraq can bring capital murder charges against George W. Bush.  In Texas, Bush’s home state, governors are especially fond of the death penalty.
     It would have been poetic justice for Bush and Cheney to suffer a lethal injection by means of a flu shot made by Baxter.    Instead, the American people re-elected Bush President. 
     Bush and his cronies rewarded American gullibility by getting greedier and more brazen. In just one day in late 2008, they stole $1.2 trillion, with no accountability as to where the money went.
     As you will recall, it was informally called the Bankster Bailout Bill. The banksters had made home loans to people who they knew could not repay the loans, then they took their homes away from them, then the fraudsters cried poverty. Not one homeowner was saved by the Bankster Embezzlement Bill.
     Obama was elected on the promise of Hope and Change. What he delivered was a seamless transition. The only way you can tell the difference between Obama’s policies and Bush’s before him was by the date that the crimes were committed.
     I’ve recently learned that Obama’s embezzlement has gotten even greedier and more brazen than I could have previously imagined. Let me give you a preview:
     With no legal authority to do so, Obama has ordered standards that no coal-fired electrical plant in America could possibly meet. In the same act, he has given General Electric a waiver. One of the consequences of this deed is that the City of Austin, Texas, has to buy electricity from Mexico at premium prices. Who do you think owns that plant in Mexico? General Electric; that’s who.
Please take a look at the following video:
     For a video that’s both entertaining and infuriating, see Max Keiser’s take on a wide range of embezzlement issues over the past ten years:
     During the 1870’s, Boss Tweed and his cronies were limited to stealing everything they possibly could from one city: the City of New York. During our time, high-level gangsters are using national leaders to steal everything they can from all of America and many other nations.
     The Truth is a powerful weapon against these robbers and mass murderers. Boss Tweed and his cronies were ousted by an informed public. The Truth—reliable information—can save us in our time as well.
     Don’t expect that a change of political parties can save us. Only this month—February 2011—Republicans in the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to extend the so-called USA PATRIOT Act, the measure that shredded the Bill of Rights and ushered in rendition and torture of political opponents, electronic strip searches at airports, warrantless wiretapping of our citizens, and too many other abuses and usurpations to count.
     How did your congressman (I won’t call them representatives) vote? Here’s a link to how they voted:
     Americans who had already kept themselves informed didn’t believe for a minute that a change in party leadership in the House of Representatives would signal a return to liberty. For the banksters and their kleptocratic henchmen, it’s business as usual.  Remember that the election of Obama was largely a reaction against the robber Republicans, and that didn't work for us either.
     Don't expect any other quick fixes such as a constitutional amendment or a Constitutional Convention either.  There is no quick fix that will free us from the responsibility of safeguarding our liberties.
     To oust the kleptocrats and restore the Bill of Rights, we don’t have to go as far as Egypt and Tunisia did, nor must meekly submit to being herded to the FEMA camps. Peaceful resistance is still an option in most countries. There are countless reliable web sites informing us as to how we can protect ourselves and how we can restore our freedoms.
     Scroll to the top of this page and find the link for Recommended Web Sites. That’s a start. Find the Table of Contents at the top of this page and read other articles telling people how systems really work, as opposed to how most people think they work. Stop buying into the kleptocratic lies that divide Democrats against Republicans, conservatives against liberals, native-born against immigrants, straights against gays, blacks against whites, Christians against Muslims—well, you get the picture.
     There are 307 million of us in America (6.7 billion in the world) and only a few thousand of those gangsters. The criminal sociopaths at the top know that they can succeed only if they keep us divided against one another. If we stand united in passive non-cooperation, they are powerless against us.
     By all means, pray; but roll up your sleeves and pray on your feet.


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