Saturday, March 26, 2011

Video Responses to 911 Disinfo Agents

      Over time, it's easy enough to spot an Internet disinformation agent, otherwise known as a troll.  No matter how many times their lies are exposed, they continue to tell the same lies day after day.  The theory is, if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it.
     There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t receive emails encouraging me to hate Muslims, to hate immigrants, or to hate some other group of people. Since all of them follow a similar pattern, I can avoid repetition by writing a response here and now and use that response for all future hate messages.
    In one message to a meet-up group, someone hysterically decried the fact that two supposedly devout Muslims were appointed to government positions in connection with the alleged War on Terror. It was like “a fox guarding the hen house,” he shrieked with a ho-hum lack of originality.
     The writer reminded his suffering readers that two well-known acts of terrorism (actually false flags) had been pinned on devout Muslims.  He actually expected his readers to fall for that one, as if the 911 Truth Movement had never existed.
     I didn’t address the question of whether the two appointees really were devout anything or whether their dark complexions and Middle Eastern-sounding names caused them to be labeled Muslims. Nor did I question whether Muslims who were not devout would be more acceptable to him.
     Here is my response:

     "There you go again, repeating the Cheney-Bush line that 911 was pulled off by nineteen Arabs who couldn't fly an airliner or correctly fill out a visa form. This same illiterate gang that couldn't think straight somehow caused NORAD to stand down for over two crucial hours, magically created fake passports, convinced security guards at three airports that they were white and not Arabic, caused ordinary office fires to melt steel, caused the only known occasion in which steel-reinforced high-rise buildings collapsed due to office fires, somehow planted tons of thermite at the World Trade Center right under the very nose of President Bush's brother, who was in charge of security at WTC; and countless other impossible acts. You're saying that nineteen misfits were incredibly lucky for an endless string of coincidences to just occurred a certain way so as to allow them to pull off 911. You're saying that devout Muslims have drunken sex orgies the night before they plan to meet Allah.
     "There are only two explanations for 911: Either nineteen inept men benefited from literally dozens of highly unlikely yet (for them) fortuitous accidents that made 911 possible; or 911 was an inside job.
     "As for Nidal Hasan, the alleged Fort Hood shooter, how did one person fire 146 shots and kill or wound 45 people--43 of whom were trained soldiers--in ten minutes? Who were his two alleged accomplices who were arrested and later released? He had no known ties to any radical Islamic groups, but he did have an official position as a consultant for the Department of Homeland Security.
     "At one time, Hasan also lived in Falls Church, Virginia, a popular residential area for CIA operatives. He attended the same mosque as Hani Hanjour, the incompetent pilot who somehow trained himself to fly a Boeing 757 well enough to perform feats that professional Boeing pilots say are impossible.

     "Hasan received his baccalaureate in psychology from Virginia Tech, a popular CIA recruiting spot where CIA mind-control experiments are said to take place.
     "Do you remember what also happened at Virginia Tech? A student who had been using physician-prescribed psychotropic drugs killed 32 people and wounded many others. At the time, a lot of people suspected that mind control was at the bottom of it, citing the CIA's mind control experiments.
     "Hmm. Hasan had no known ties to Islamic terrorists, but he was up to his eyeballs in CIA and Homeland Security operatives.
     "Surely you know what a false flag operation is! In case you've forgotten, take a look at the following videos:
"When False Flags Don't Fly" and "The Last Word on Terrorism" , both from the Corbett Report.
     "Let me remind you that, as you spread hated of Muslims as terrorists, the global elite's think tank the Rand Corporation is putting the terrorist label on home schoolers, Ron Paul supporters, constitutionalists, and many other law-abiding Americans. Instead of promoting hatred of Muslims, thereby buying into the global elite's false paradigm to divide and conquer us, it would be wise for the people of the world to unite against the global elite."
     In another tiresome tirade, someone paraded Osama bin Laden as a piñata for anti-Muslim bigots, as well as an excuse for us to support wars that are highly profitable for international banksters, the military-industrial complex, and the disaster capitalists. Here is my response:

     "Osama bin Laden has been dead for several years. (video) He lives only in the fevered imaginations of disinfo agents who continuously trot him out as a bogeyman to encourage war and debt to the international bankers. Alleged bin Laden audio messages (post 2001), "authenticated" by the CIA, show signs of fraud. (video) Al Qaeda does not exist. It's a legal fiction invented by U.S. government prosecutors to enable them to prosecute bin Laden in absentia. (video) It allowed the government agents to transform bin Laden, in the American mind, from a CIA asset to a profitable international threat while, at the same time, retaining him has a CIA asset. (video)
     "Only six months after 911, President Bush admitted that he wasn't concerned about finding bin Laden. (video) Could that be another reason he was never captured or found? If bin Laden had been captured, federal prosecutors would have had the burden of proving that it was bin Laden who had done 911. Shortly after the attack on the World Trade Center, the Taliban issued a statement to the effect that neither they nor bin Laden were responsible. They pointed out that the scope and complexity of the attacks point to 'a government.'" (video)
     In both messages, and in many other such messages, we’re given a false paradigm. It’s Christians against Muslims, liberals against conservatives, Democrats against Republicans, native-born Americans against immigrants, and so on. This false paradigm benefits no one but the global elite and their shills, including the shameless Internet trolls who parrot their line.
     Muslims, Christians, Jews, and sincere people of other religions have more in common with each other than we have with the global elite. Liberals and conservatives, libertarians and socialists have more in common with each other than we have with the global elite.
     There are seven billion of us and only a few thousand of them. When we stop playing the game by their rules—when we cooperate with each other instead of allowing ourselves to be manipulated into attacking each other—the power of the global elite will be finished. Then we can have peace.

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