Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pamela Geller: Ground Zero Harpy

     By now, all of y’all have heard of the mythical “Ground Zero Mosque” that’s just a figment of the Israeli Mossad’s imagination. Since “truth in labeling” is not part of the Mossad’s stock-in-trade, they couldn’t very well have started that propaganda campaign in their own names. No, they relied on the geriatric “bikini blogger” Pamela Geller to give their anti-Muslim propaganda an American face.
     By now, the public is as tired of hearing her rants about the non-existent Ground Zero Mosque” as they are of seeing her flabby wrinkles and unrealistically rounded boobs in a bikini.
     (In case you’re wondering what a bikini has to do with serious political discourse, it’s supposed to get the Muslims upset. She calls it her burqa. By contrast, the late Benazir Bhutto was far more alluring in her head scarf than this geriatric Paris Hilton knock-off with her too-oft-seen cleavage.  See below.)
     Now Geller has a new gimmick for cheap attention: repeating the worn-out saw that Barack Obama is a Muslim, which makes him dangerous for America. Presumably, it would tax her intelligence too much to give facts supporting her contention.
     Of the dozens of accusations Pamela Geller makes in her extended rant, she doesn’t provide even one link to support any of them. How can we believe her hackneyed assertion, clichéd to death, that Mr. Obama is a devout Muslim, when he has always given abundant proof that he has no commitment to any religion or principles? How can we believe that Mr. Obama’s sympathies lie with Muslims when he has packed his administration with 32 Israeli dual citizens?
     You may ask, just who is that harpy called Pamela Geller anyway?
The New York-based, award-winning Jewish Week, began their article on her by calling her a “right wing blogger.” They report that, when asked about the accuracy of her remarks, she scolded a reporter for defending the “bad guys” against the “good guys.”  (Here) Compared to the struggle between good and evil, it seems, accuracy shrinks into insignificance.
     According to The Guardian, (here) she’s an “extremist.” Among her many wild causes, she denies that Slobodan Milosevic had any concentration camps in Serbia.
     Oh, but you may say that the Jewish Week and the Guardian are just two observers. Her Wikipedia bio was written, edited, and re-edited many times by many sources, all of which—unlike Geller’s writings—are linked to reliable sources. (Grab your barf bag and click here.)
     She describes herself (Here) as being influenced by Ayn Rand, Bat Ye’or, and Ibn Warraq
     The latter two were tireless crusaders for anti-Islamic hatred.
     Ayn Rand described Israel’s war on its neighbors as “civilized men” fighting against “savages.” Rand also took the position that American whites had the right to take land from Native Americans. (Here) One can see how a person such as Rand or Geller can defend Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine. 
     Geller’s Wiki-bio describes her as having written a few little-read articles and co-written a little-read book. So how does she make a living? Her Wiki-bio doesn’t say, but we may see a clue in the only photo the article provides:
     In the photo, Geller poses with a “former” head of Israeli military intelligence, Moshe Ya’alon, who has described Palestinians as a “virus” and a “cancer” that must be removed. In December 2005, Ya’alon was formally accused of war crimes in Gaza. He is currently serving as Israel’s Minister of Strategic Affairs.  (Click here.) 

     Does the Wikipedia photo of Ya’alon look familiar to you? It should. It was cropped from the photo of himself with Pamela Geller. 
    Wouldn’t you think that supporters of one of Israel’s top intelligence agents could come up with a photo of their own instead of cropping one from a fan from New York? Doesn’t that suggest a degree of closeness between those perps?
     Most people think that intelligence services spend most of their time gathering intelligence. They don’t. Most of their time is spent spreading disinformation. That fact puts a different spin on the relationship between a top Israeli intelligence agent and a prolific anti-Muslim American propagandist.
     On many occasions, including the King David Hotel bombing, the Lavon Affair, the attack on the USS Liberty, the Achille Lauro Affair, and 9/11, Israel has used false flag terrorist acts as part of their disinformation campaigns against the United States. This easily qualifies Israel as a hostile foreign power.
     Pamela Geller has lobbied before Congress. That being the case, Geller may be violating federal law by not registering as a foreign agent—and probably a disinformation agent on behalf of a hostile foreign power.
     When an American citizen actively promotes disinformation on behalf of a hostile foreign power, it’s an act of treason. When loyal but extremely gullible Americans spread Israeli disinformation, thinking it a patriotic act, you can imagine just how happy this makes the Mossad: as happy as the five dancing Israelis on September 11, 2001. 

More articles on the September 11, 2001 false flag attacks.



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