Tuesday, April 12, 2011

If Being a Muslim were an Impeachable Offense

     If being a Muslim were an impeachable offense, would there be enough evidence against Barack Obama to remove him from office? Let's look at the facts.
     The accusation that Barack Obama is a Muslim takes two forms. The first is simply that Obama is a Muslim. The second is that he is a devout Muslim, which, we are told, is worse. Those who claim that their hatred of Islam is a way of defending Christian civilization are suggesting, then, that lack of religious commitment is more Christian than commitment.
     Just what do Muslims believe that supposedly makes them such horrible people that their enemies are forever demanding their annihilation? To the point, does Barack Obama adhere to those supposedly abominable beliefs?
     The religious laws the Muslims follow—variously called Sharia Law or Koranic Law—was lifted almost verbatim from the Law of Moses; that is, Mosaic Law or the Torah. The Law of Moses is still found in the Christian Bible and the Torah today. Many Jews favor the Talmud, which they generated during the Babylonian Captivity. Many Christians claim that, since they live under Grace and not the law, Old Testament law doesn't count except when it supports the beliefs of their religious denomination.
     With regard to religious practices, the biggest difference between Muslims and the rest of us is that they still follow the Law of Moses. (If you seem to hear strains of “Give Me That Old Time Religion,” you're getting the point.)
     Now let's compare Barack Obama's behavior with what we find in the Koran—or, if you prefer, the Old Testament.     You're well aware that Jews and Muslims don't eat pork. In fact, neither Jews nor Muslims use eating utensils that had touched pork or eat food that has been prepared by hands that may have touched pork during preparation. The Muslim term for ritually "clean" food is halal (lawful); the Jews call it kosher (clean).
     Are you aware that Barack Obama hosted a Hawaiian luau at the White House, and that the customary roast pig was on the menu? (See link.)
     Are you aware that Barack Obama ate a meal at a traditional Southern country restaurant in the Deep South? Since pork was one of the items on the menu, Obama's meal was prepared by hands that had touched pork.
     According to Jewish, Christian, and Muslim beliefs, the husband is supposed to be the religious leader of the family. When Michelle Obama and their two daughters visited Vale, Colorado, Michelle ordered short ribs. Either Mr. Obama fails the test of Muslim manhood by allowing this forbidden practice, or he fails the test of Muslim manhood by not caring.  (See link.)
     Sharia and Mosaic Law also forbid the eating of reptiles and amphibians. In the photo above, you will see Obama eating frog legs. (Link)
     I won't look into the question of whether Obama eats rabbits or non-piscine seafood. Sunni Muslims are allowed to eat those foods.
     Then there's the Muslim prohibition on drinking alcoholic beverages. Not content with merely drinking alcoholic beverages, Obama actually brews beer in the White House.  (Link)
     You may not be aware of this—I certainly wasn't—but Islamic law forbids the keeping of dogs as pets. (Link) Nonetheless, Obama keeps a pure-bred pooch named Bo. (Link)
     If I may digress for a moment for the sake of cultural education, American Presidents are expected to keep pets at the White House. It makes them seem more human to the voters. Even if Mr. Obama isn't legally the President, he's expected to put on a convincing act. We don't know what will happen to Bo when Obama leaves the White House.
     When Bill Clinton entered the White House, he brought a cat called Socks. When he left the White House, he dumped socks on one of his secretaries. She probably was Socks's real owner anyway. One can imagine that Monica Lewinsky may have been turned off if she'd seen cat hairs on Bill Clinton's lap.
     It's against the laws of all three religions for a man to look upon a woman with lust. Here we have pictures of Obama visually appreciating two women's butts, with French President Nicolas Sarkozy looking on with bemused approval.
     Aren't Muslims supposed to be virulently opposed to homosexuality?   Didn't Obama come out in favor of homosexual "marriages"?
     Obama did appoint a supposedly “devout” (there goes that word again) Muslim to a position in America's home-grown Gestapo, the Department of Homeland Security. That one appointment led Islamophobes to wail, gnash their teeth, pour ashes on themselves, and claim that this was proof that Obama was a Muslim. Shoot, man, he appointed 32 dual-citizenship Israelis to higher positions than that, and very few people accused Obama of being Jewish.
     Maybe you've heard of Sharia-compliant banking.  (If not, here's a crash course for you.)  Under Mosaic Law (now known as Sharia Law), dishonest weights and measures are forbidden, and so is usury.  Although these requirements are still in the holy books of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, only the Muslims still take them seriously.
     Under "Western" banking, bankers create "money" out of thin air, agree with other bankers as to how much the notes will be worth, and lend the "money" to innocent "customers."  The "customers" post as collateral something of value so that they can receive this funny money.  The "customers" have to repay the loan, not with "money" that the "customers" have created out of thin air, but with money they've had to earn.  The bankers then receive something for nothing.
     In the meltdown of 2008 through the current date, here's what happened:  The bankers lied to people in order to get them to borrow funny money that they'd never be able to repay with real money.  After the victims defaulted, the bankers took their victims' homes away from them.  The victims lost everything.  The bankers lost nothing and gained people's homes.  It was the bankers who then bribed dishonest congressmen to steal even more money from the taxpayers to "repay" the bankers for their supposed losses.  The bankers were then able to invest real money into still more enterprises, many of which were overseas.
     Under Sharia Law, this travesty would never have occurred.  We would have had honest money and fair banking practices.  If it somehow has occurred, executives for Goldman Sachs and other banksters would have been lucky just to have their hands cut off for stealing or their tongues cut out for lying.  Instead, Obama packed his administration with those crooks.  A Muslim would never have done that.
     Oh, let's not forget: Muslims are supposed to be terrorists, or so we're told. Is there any evidence that Barack Obama supports terrorism?  Well, yes, come to think of it, there sure is.
     Under America's Constitution, the federal budget is proposed by the President. Each year since he has been in office, Obama's budget proposals have included $3 billion to support a terrorist regime. This regime routinely bombs schools and private homes, and they even use white phosphorous against them.
     International law doesn't forbid the use of white phosphorous to illuminate an area at night or for use as a smokescreen. An American general once said that white phosphorous is not useful as a weapon of war because "there are more efficient ways of killing people."  We may take it, then, that white phosphorous is more effective as a weapon of terror. Canadian writer and activist Naomi Klein and others have seen where the terrorist regime that Obama supports had used white phosphorous on grade schools.  (See link.)
     Who are the victims of the terror attacks that Mr. Obama supports with our tax dollars? Who are the terrorists?
     The victims are the Palestinians in Gaza. Yes, the victims are predominantly Muslim. The terrorists are a gang of anti-religious war criminals whose actions make a mockery of the Law of Moses, even as they hijack the biblical name of Israel.
     Yes, Mr. Obama uses American tax dollars to support terrorism, but he's clearly not a Muslim.

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