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(I have posted this dictionary onto a stand-alone page, and I've already begun adding new definitions to the page.  See the link (Realistic Dictionary) at the top of this page.)

A - F
Advertising: the art of making corporate propaganda seem like revealed truth proclaiming that human worth can be found only in buying someone’s product.
Arab: a member of a Semitic ethnic group that is famously accused of antisemitism.
Bicycle: a means of moving people without having to go to the trouble and expense of moving a two thousand pound vehicle.
Bi-partisan effort: a ploy by which Democrats and Republicans push unpopular measures by temporarily setting aside the pretext of political differences. (See partisan wrangling.)
Blackwater/Xi: enforcers for gangster government.
Clarification: a form of back peddling short of outright denial (Synonym: obfuscation.)
*Congress: the opposite of progress; useful idiots for the global elite, sequestered in a mausoleum-like structure that keeps them oblivious to the actual needs of the people who elected them.  The roof of the structure known as the Capitol is shaped like a mushroom because that's how the owners of congressmen treat them; they keep them in the dark and feed them manure. 
Conspiracy theorist: someone who believes that human events are caused by humans.
Dark horse: a candidate whom everyone knows “can’t win” because he’s too honest and too well liked, but especially because he’s not the greater or lesser of two evils.
Democracy: a form of government based on the belief that the people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.
Democratic Party: the wing of the Wall Street Party that favors maintaining people in poverty as a pretext for siphoning tax dollars to support such poverty industries as major drug companies and insurance companies. The Democratic Party favors building vote farms called housing projects. (See Republican Party.)
Doctor: a celebrity spokesman for the pharmaceutical industry.
Election: (disambiguation) 1.) a democratic custom by which deluded people hire hated kleptocrats by choosing between the lesser of two evils, in the belief that popular, honest people “can’t win.” (See dark horse;) 2.) something a Japanese man gets when he takes Viagra.
FDA: abbreviation for Food and Drug Administration; the government agency responsible for preventing healthy foods and safe, effective drugs from being marketed.
Foreign Aid: 1.) giving aid and comfort to the enemy, 2.) poor people in rich countries giving money to rich people in poor countries, 3.) a form of money laundering by which money is embezzled from working Americans, sent overseas to be laundered, and funneled back to large banks and corporations in the U.S.
G - M
Gaffe: The truth, when accidentally spoken by a politician.
Medical school: an extended infomercial for the pharmaceutical industry.
N - S
News reporter: someone who gets paid to spread unsubstantiated rumors.
Partisan wrangling: a good cop/bad cop routine played on the national stage. (See bi-partisan effort.)
Politician: a person who solicits votes from the poor and contributions from the rich under the pretext that he’s protecting each from the other.
Professional media: paid witnesses.
Racist: someone who believes that the Lord created races of humans other than the human race, and that it matters.
Republican Party: the wing of the Wall Street Party that drives people into poverty by starting wars as a pretext for using tax dollars to support the military-industrial complex. (See Democratic Party.)
SOURCE: someone who tells a news reporter what he wants the general public to believe. Below, I define several ways that the word is used:
Anonymous source: someone with a grudge.
High level source: someone who is flying a trial balloon.
Informed sources: a weasel-worded term which, if it means anything, implies that their other sources are uninformed.
Inside sources: a mole working for the other side.
“Sources say…”: “rumor has it….”
(For other sources, see Whistleblower and Wikileaks.)
T through Z
Talk radio: a contemporary form of burlesque presented as a spoof of serious commentary, in which the principle actor usually portrays a pretentious bigot with delusions of adequacy.
Talking head: someone on television who barks for his supper and knows who feeds him.
Televangelism: a high-tech means for Protestants to sell indulgences.
Whistleblower: someone who gets fired for telling the truth.
Wikileaks: a gimmick by which people in power play the “knowledge is power” game, in the theory that people are more likely to believe what they read in the corporate media if it’s anonymously leaked rather than announced at a news conference.
World Trade Center: proof that physics and engineering textbooks need to be rewritten from scratch.
World Trade Center Building Number 7: the only high-rise building in history that collapsed for no apparent reason, thereby disproving the Law of Cause and Effect.

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