Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Road to World War III is Paved with Fiat Dollars

     Probably not one of y'all would like to believe the claim that the powers that be are setting us up for a nuclear-charged World War III in the next few years.  Go ahead; be skeptical of the claims of the following video.  Skepticism is healthy and wise.  
     Here's what I suggest:
     Reject every conclusion the creator of this video has to offer.  Watch this video with pen in hand.  Write down every factual claim the speaker makes andas I saidignore his conclusions.  Put a check mark beside the claims you know are true.  Put a question mark beside those about which you're uncertain; look them up later.
     Then come to your own conclusions.  Ask yourself one question: Given that we live in a world governed by the Law of Cause and Effect, what may we reasonably expect to happen if events continue on their present trajectory?
     There is an old story in which two bad boys decided on a trick to stump a wise man.  They caught a small bird, and one of them held it hidden between his hands.  "Is the bird alive or dead?" they asked the wise man.  Since it would have been easy to crush the bird, they could display a live bird or a dead one, depending on the wise man's answer.
     The wise man replied, "The answer is in your hands."
     Will we see a nuclear World War III in the next few years?  Consider the wise man's reply.


  1. Hello. I just stumbled across your site, and thank you for what you are doing. My name is Jesse, and I have been awake for a little over 2 years. I see from your profile that you are a teacher in Taiwan. My sister taught at the Taiwan American School for 3 years (I think it was the years 2003-2005). She is not awake, nor are any others in my family. I am always trying to help people understand what is really going on (and your site, after a quick scan, is phenomenal). Would you be willing to correspond with me? If so, send me an email: Thank you and blessings, Jesse

    1. Jesse, thank you for your message via LinkedIn. I hadn't accessed LinkedIn in so long that I'm not sure how to navigate it. I don't think any prospective employers will find your post to the American Action Report, but you can be sure that the NSA has scooped it up. We live in dangerous times. The powers-that-be have become desperate since Donald Trump's election. We must pray for his success in restoring the American Republic.

  2. I've only recently been putting Antarctica back into the equation... What makes me suspicious is that not much is being said about Antarctica.

    I wonder, we have a whole continent on Earth and not much is being done to explore it? Mmm... I don't think this would be sensible, nor is it really believable, considering we are exploring space on a regular basis. So, recently, I had a look a Google Earth: there are huge anomalies in Antarctica, inclunding a 200 mile long perfect rectangle. Is that a trench we are not being told about? Who knows... Still, I think we should know more about Antarctica. My fear is that it may end up being exploited and destroyed by immoral and super-powerful corporations while we, the people of Earth, are distracted from what is going on there...