Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Phantom Victims of 911

     In a previous article ("What Happened to Flight 77's Passengers?"), I presented compelling evidence that one of Flight 77's alleged passengers was still alive and had assumed a new identity.  In yet another article ("The Lion, the Witch, and the World Trade Center"), I proved beyond any reasonable doubt that some, and possibly all, of the videos of planes hitting the World Trade Center were computer-generated fakes.
     If no planes hit the World Trade Center or the Pentagon, then there were no passengers to be killed at the World Trade Center or the Pentagon.  What happened to the passengers?
     In an attempt to answer that question, at least in part, I've spent the past few weeks editing four hours of audio clips down to less than one hour.  I found them on a web site called Let's Roll Forums.  Jim Fetzer the host of a radio  program called The Real Deal interviews Phil Jayhan and Larry Williams, researchers for Let's Roll Forums.  
     In the following clip, they offer curious facts concerning alleged Flight 11 passenger (and billionaire donor to political causes) Sonia Morales Puopolo.   They repeat themselves in parts of the clips because my edited versions of the clips came from two interviews held a week apart.
     The researchers interviewed here take the position that some of the "victims" never existed, some faked their deaths and assumed new identities, some (Daniel Lewin comes to mind) were spies who were being reassigned, some had already died, and other fit other profiles.

     I believe that the researchers overstate their position by suggesting that very few people actually died in the faked 911 "attacks."  My take on their research is that at least 1,600 (out of the official count of almost 3,000) were killed that day, mostly at the World Trade Center towers and Building 7.  Jayhan and Williams seem to suggest that the actual victims number in the dozens at most.
     Regardless of the count, we agree that there were probably very many fake victims among the real ones.

     Don't accept or reject their ideas as complete packages.  Jayhan and Williams are researchers who have found something important and admit that they are still searching for answers, the same as many of the rest of us.  As likely as not, they are partly right, though they're likely mistaken in some areas. 
     Over the next few days, I intend to upload all of my edited versions of the interviews.  I encourage you to check out some of the articles on Let's Roll Forums.  If you do, do so with awareness that Let's Roll Forums is a collection of researchers who are bouncing facts and ideas around, sifting through them as well as they can, and who often disagree with one another.  They don't pretend to have definitive answers.  
     The search for truth and justice continues.  In the search for truth, skepticism is one of your most effective allies. 
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