Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tha Phantom Victims of 911, Part 2

     In the first part of this series, I presented an edited version of an interview with Phil Jayhan and Larry Williams.  On those audio clips, Jayhan and Williams point out that there were an inordinate number of millionaires, billionaires, and other politically well-connected individuals on the that allegedly were hijacked on September 11, 2001.   I pointed out that they made errors in logic in that they assumed that, if the deaths on the airliners were faked, the deaths at the Pentagon and the World Trade Center must also have been faked.  
     From what I've read of the Let's Roll Forums since then, there's reason to suspect that Let's Roll Forums is part of an MSM disinformation campaign.   Whether the suspicion is correct, however, doesn't disqualify information that they present.  Most of what disinformation agents present is true because an abundance of true statements tends to give credibility to the lies they tell.  Even Hitler was quoted as saying, "Tell the truth as often as you can; so that, when you lie, you're more likely to be believed."
     Regardless of whether Let's Roll Forums is a disinfo site or a sincere effort to uncover the truth, it's the reader who bears responsibility for assigning credibility.  When I presented the first part of this series, I admitted that I hadn't investigated their claims but saw their claims as important enough to pass along to you for your consideration.
     Today, I'm presenting the rest of the clips I developed from their four-hour-long, two interviews.  In the first of these, they suggest that flight attendants Carolyn Mayer Beug and Barbara Arestegui did not exist. 

      In the next clip, they point to several anomalies concerning Mark Bingham and Todd Beamer, supposedly on Flight 93.  You're probably familiar with several.  Jayhan and Williams point to yet another: the peculiar behavior of Bingham's "mother" on Good Morning, America.  They way they put it, she smiled all the way through the interview, "looking more like a nervous actress than a grieving mother."  Here's a link so you can judge for yourself. (link)
     Jayhan and Williams also point to facial similarities among many of the supposed 911 victims.  In the absence of other evidence, physical similarities prove nothing, but they do tend to support other evidence.  I checked the photos in a lot of sources other than Let's Roll Forums and found the similarities fascinating.
     The following audio clip is particularly compelling.  Gwendolyn Briley Strand, who claimed in a "documentary" called The Falling Man that her brother was killed at the World Trade Center, was in fact a paid actress.   I checked her web site and verified Jayhan's claims concerning her.
     It's surprising just how many people in the acting profession, and how many false witnesses (such as the "Harley Guy") have been wheeled out to support the official conspiracy theory concerning 911.
     Finally, there's the "911 Memorial Wall," as it is called.  That's the curious event of more than a thousand people spontaneously attaching "lost dog" style, have-you-seen-my-relative posters, contrary to common sense.  Oddly enough, most of them used the same kind of tape.
     From this observation, Jayhan and Williams take the position that very few people actually died at the World Trade Center that day.  That's where I definitely part company with their conclusions.  
     They present compelling evidence that fewer people died than was stated.  It doesn't naturally follow that no more than a few dozen people (my take on their remarks) died.  Judging from what evidence had to be presented for 1,600 of the death certificates issued that day, I'm convinced that at least that many people died in the attacks, mostly at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

     That's the last of the audio clips I've edited from four hours of interviews, but it's not likely to be the last of my remarks concerning the phantom victims of 911.  
     As far as justice is concerned, we blew it on the Kennedy Assassination.  Over the last 47 years, it has faded from a criminal case to a historical curiosity.  In those days, though, there was no Internet, and communication was slower.  
     Let's Roll Forums tends to steer clear of certain lines of inquiry that may be productive.  We shouldn't.  As long as the Internet remains free, and the citizens remain active and interested, we have the prospect of bringing the 911 criminals to justice.
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  1. The reasons for which I was banned from Let's Roll Forums has me suspect that some part of their information (like "hollow towers") is disinformation. Dr. Judy Wood and The Mister Honorific Banishment

    Gotta look for the nuggets of truth, particularly in the disinformation, so that they aren't lost when the over-arching premise gets debunked.

    They might be on to something on the "fake victim" front. But until the evidence for fake/real is presented for all victims, I won't jump to the conclusions of the vast numbers that LRF claims. It makes sense that some fake victims would be created, particularly when this dovetails nicely with (1) Operation Norwood, (2) no plane theories, (3) the quick and easy settlements with the airlines, (4) the desire to use the victims in emotional propaganda ala their "surviving" families who then promote the war-hawk line against "terrorism".

  2. I agree. I examined their evidence for the "hollow towers" and checked out as many pre-911 photos of WTC towers as I could, especially the night shots and the shots with the sun in the background. Several floors were either unoccupied or only partly occupied, which is common knowledge. The fact that several of the supposedly "hollowed out" floors were partly occupied refutes the hollow towers theory.
    As for the assertion that only a handful or so of the victims were real, that's ridiculous. Reliable witnesses such as the late Barry Jennings certainly saw their share of bodies.
    I can't say whether the site contains deliberate disinformation or astonishingly bad judgment, but we have to be careful. For that reason, I chose to omit much of what they said in the interview.


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