Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Honor the Veterans by Listening to What They have to Say: Bring them Home and Don't Start More Wars for Them to Fight

     (I had intended to post part three of the four-part series on the 9/11 hijackers.  With the several important presidential primaries coming up in a few days, I thought it best to post this article now and postpone the 9/11 article until tomorrow.)
     Supporters of endless wars of aggression in the Middle East and elsewhere have no defense for their warmongering, so they try to use America's war veterans as human shields.  The line goes, if you don't support the war, you're not supporting the veterans who have sacrificed for our freedomsperiod, end of sentence, no more discussion.
     So how are we told to support the veterans?  Put a yellow sticker on your car, hold parades in their namesupposedly in their honor, but actually in honor of the banksters and other chicken hawks who sent them to fightbut don't by any means listen to what the veterans have to say about the wars they're sent to fight.
     Fully 70% of the campaign contributions from combat troops to presidential candidates is sent to the only presidential candidate who wants America to end the wars, bring the troops home, and not start another war.  Below is the link to a video asking American voters to honor the troops by listening to what they have to say.  
You Like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy
     With few exceptions, the corporate-owned media can't bring themselves to mention Ron Paul without a smirk or some remark to the effect that he can't win. From the ways they conduct themselves, it's clear that they're scared to death that he will win. Comedian Jon Stewart uses actual news clips to illustrate that point:
John Stewart Shows How Ron Paul Is Feared By The NWO Mafia Controlled Mainstream Media
     Barack Obama gets undeserved pats on the back for ending the war in Iraqthe war that George W. Bush started on false pretenses, and which Obama, as a presidential candidate, promised to end immediately after being sworn in as President.  When Mr. Obama "ended" the war in Iraq, he left in place an Iraqi puppet ruler and 15,000 Blackwater/Xe mercenaries.  Further, his administration has made it abundantly clear that the troops that were pulled out of Iraq are slated to be redeployed in a war with Iran.
     Do we honor our combat veterans by bringing them home to win the peace, or do we send them to sacrifice in yet another war that most of the troops do not support and which is none of our business?  Rachel Maddow reports:
Maddow: "Ron Paul Is The Only Presidential Candidate That Doesn't Want To Start Another War!"

     Oh, we're told that we should support the candidate who the corporate-owned media tell us has the best chance of beating Obama in the 2012 election.  Why should we?  Is it because of Obama's numerous and endless wars, most of which were started by a Republican President; by his assault on the Constitution, which is but a continuation and expansion of a Republican President's actions from 2001-2009; or is it because of Obama's ties to Wall Street looters such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley?
     Follow the money trail:
     Mitt Romney may, as the corporate-owned media tell us, have the "best" chance of beating Obama in November, but do we really want to replace one Obama with another?  The biggest difference between Romney and Obama is that Romney doesn't need a teleprompter.  The second biggest difference is that Obama is controlled by Wall Street insiders, while Romney, for all practical purposes, is a Wall Street insider.
     Every endorsement of Romney I've ever heard or read has been based solely on the notion that we should vote for him because he has the best chance of beating Obama.  In telling us this, Romney's endorsers are telling us to vote our fears when we should be voting our hopes.
    Combat troops in the Middle East and elsewhere have to face their fears every day.  They, whom we put in harm's way, have to master fears far greater than any fears we face in the voting booth.  Americans can best honor our combat veterans by exercising a fraction of their courage and casting votes that show that we truly support our troops. 
     Support our combat troops.  Bring them home to their families and don't start any more wars.

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