Tuesday, March 13, 2012

America Hasn't had a Legally Elected President in this Century

     Imagine the best and wised person you have ever known on Earth.  Now imagine that this person suddenly came into possession of a magic box that gave him the power to change the course of history at will.  How long do you think it would be before this person became completely corrupted by this power?
     Now imagine that a magic box of this sort fell into the hands of someone who has been caught lying time and again.  Imagine that this person has been caught in criminal fraud and who had paid millions of dollars to settle accusations out of court.  Imagine also that he claimed the right to keep absolute secrecy about anything he did with the box.  Do the words "menace to society" come to mind?
     There's not a doubt in my mind that the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 were stolen, mainly by the means of the "magic box" I've just mentioned.  The magic box in question is electronic voting programs, which election officials are forbidden to investigate.  They have some power to investigate the results of votes but not how the votes are tabulated.
     Without my usual comments, I'm posting here, in nine parts, the video Hacking Democracy for your viewing.  If you're pretty short on time, I suggest you go to part 8 and take it from there.
     Part 1 of 9:
     Part 2 of 9:
     Part 3 of 9:
     (Take a good look at the weasel they interview on this clip.  He has a face only Lindsey Graham could love.)
     Part 4 of 9:
   Part 5 of 9:
     Part 6 of 9:
     (In this clip, investigators show that Florida election officials violated voting laws.  While this, by itself, doesn't prove fraud, it shows a lack of respect for legal accountability to the voters.)
     Part 7 of 9:
     (When a recount is demanded, Florida election officials fall back on a law allowing only 3% of the votes, randomly selected, to be recounted.  Under this law, if irregularities are detected, only then can the other 97% be investigated.  The catch was, election officials defined the meaning of the word random.  They were, in fact, selected from precincts in which no irregularities were detected.
     Part 8 of 9:
     (The face you see below is that of an election official in a neighboring Florida county.  He is instrumental in helping the protagonists uncover the means by which voting fraud is taking place.  The weasel I mentioned earlier swore before a hearing that there was no executable program on Diebold's memory cards.)
    Part 9 of 9:
     With the help of a computer geek and the aforementioned Florida election official, we are shown how easy it is to steal an election without any trace of fraud.  They convincingly show that the weasel lied both about the executable program and its potential.
     Even after Diebold's duplicity was revealed to Ohio officials (the 2004 election was stolen in Ohio), Ohio spent millions of dollars on Diebold equipment.
     During the nineteenth century, courageous newspaper reporters reported that the Tammany Hall political machine headed by "Boss" Tweed was stealing a million dollars a day from the city of New York.  When confronted with the evidence and asked if it were true, Tweed supposedly said, "Even if it is, what are you going to do about it?"  New Yorkers found their cajones and sent Tweed and his gang to prison.
     It appears that, in our generation,  the votes of a hundred million Americans are being stolen. Our future is being stolen from us.  We must take "Boss" Tweed's words as a challenge: "What are you going to do about it?"

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